This "blog" is an attempt to better structure what has been a loose collection of notes, bookmarks, and programming tricks. In lieu of a traditional chronologically organized structure, this blog is organized as a "digital garden" or "personal canon" wiki.

The primary intended audience is myself. Writing things out forces me to untangle and corral unstructured thoughts and ideas, and forces me to examine them with greater scrutiny, in a structured manner. The fact that the output is easily shareable with peers is a nice bonus.

Pages are meant to be living documents, and will be written as quick references rather than as detailed tutorials. Content-wise, I'm mainly focused on documenting "active" tricks that are expected to be used day-to-day (such as a way to quickly batch edit files). This is opposed to tricks based on configuration (such as adding syntax highlighting to a filepicker), which tend to be less flexible and more dependent on ones' individual developer environment.

If you'd rather browse this book in your editor, you can view the repository here.


I'm a fullstack engineer mainly working with Typescript, React, and Rails. I currently work at the identity verification startup Persona Identities, where we're building the identity layer of the internet. We're hiring!

I wrote my first line of "real" code in October 2015. I attended the San Francisco January 2016 cohort of App Academy, and it changed my life. I'd recommend it to anyone, and my experiences have sparked a passion for mentoring individuals looking to change careers and break into the tech world.

Previously, I was a graduate student studying the psychology of decision making. To this date, dropping out to pursue software engineering remains one of the best decisions I've ever made.

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